When discussing what Turning Point Missions does with a close friend, who just happens to be a part-time poet, Tom asked him if he could capture what we are trying to do in a poem. The result of that request was “Waters of Life” printed below. We hope it blesses you as much as it has us.


Waters of Life

By Kenny Fedder

The only place in all of space where water can be found
Is here on earth, we have it all, above and below the ground.
Water is a vital element that keeps us all alive
Growing crops to feed mankind and animals to survive.
Using water to wash ourselves from work we do each day
Drinking it to quench our thirst, there's little else to say.
Well, there's a different water where one would thirst no more
What is the cost for such a drink? Who is this water for?
I am curious to say the least; where is this water from?
Who gives this kind of water? How can I get me some?
My hands are filthy, sore and worn; I'm broken to my core.
Both sweat and dirt run down my face; can't do this anymore.
Christ gives us living water that washes away our pride.
And it fulfills a deeper thirst, come and thirst no more. 
You'll be cleansed from all your dirt, from all you've done before.
This water's free if you'll just ask; the price was paid for all.
Admit you need some help my friend; then answer to His call.
It's for the weak and powerless, for the lost and lonely.
For all of us who must confess that we are so unworthy.
Living Water's full of mercy, blended together with grace. 
Rivers of life flowing down, splashing over our face;
Given to refresh our souls and quench our thirst within.
Then bathe our lives from all our guilt and wash away our sin.